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Aztec junior at LQHS. 17 years old. My birthday is on January 31st. Aquarius. Technically born 1996, Year of the Rat. Water element. Family. The homies. Friends. Teachers. People who mean something to me. The greats in life. Education. Books. OCAD. Band. Trombone. Drumline. Cymbals. Orchestra. Violin. Red Cross. Future Medical Leaders. California Scholarship Federation. Gay Straight Alliance. Ecology. Nam Huynh Dao. Swimming. Water. Who I am. & MONEY $$$$. Definitely $. You have to help yourself in order to help others. ;D

Life is a mystery. Go figure it out.

"Sacrificio del destino, Traditore del l'amore." (Italian for "Sacrifice of destiny, Traitor of love.") - The Princess's Man

"Horas non numero nisi serenas." (Latin for "I count only the sunny hours.")